Public Works Directorate Staff Meeting with the Cabinet Secretary.

The meeting was held at the Kenya Bankers Sacco auditorium  on Friday, 18th March 2016, where all the Heads, Chiefs, Chairs and Directors gave progress reports of their respective departments.

There were true success stories and challenges across board which led to the realization of the progress and potential as a State Department. It was pointed out that the state department had received a wake up call from the new Principal Secretary who under six months a lot of ripples in positive change are being felt over all sectors, professions, ministries and the general public. All of this was achieved through the guidance of the cabinet Secretary. 

Center left Cabinet and Principal (centre right) Secretary’s with other heads of different sectors in the state departmentAchievements included the National Construction Authority’s training of 1.5 million artisans in five years, the BORAQS- Kenya initiative to focus on research through partnering with KBRC and come with a new center for excellence in their CPD programme. The new Buildings Inspectorate, though new in office, had formulated a programme to inspect the quality, soundness and habitability of all buildings across the nation.

The Structural Engineers had enhanced mobility and eased burden of transport through building of footbridges and through programmes like the LAPSSET. The Kenya Building Research Center has enhanced capacity development through collaborations with NACOSTI and KENNET.

Principal Secretary giving his key address the meeting

The Principal Secretary Prof. Paul Maringa addressed the meeting with his emphasis on integrity, professionalism and gender balance in the State Department. This remarks were later stamped by the Cabinet Secretary in his remarks where he found it prudent to point out that all members of staff should be accountable not only in finances but even in work ethics and time.

Cabinet Secretary address the State DepartmentThe Cabinet Secretary, Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi added on that the differences in gender balance across the department is very alarming and urged ladies to ensure that they get the professional qualifications to sustain a competitive process during selection of different job posts.The meeting was adjourned at noon after a question and answer session from the members of the department.

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